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2CT Media completed 213 vehicle rebrands in less than 30 days, and saved Yellowstone Landscape over $250,000!

Problem: Complete Fleet Rebrand in less than four months with no impact on workload.

Yellowstone Landscape purchased Heads Up Landscape of New Mexico and needed to rebrand the fleet in four months. The problem was winter was fast approaching and they were in their busy season preparing for snow. They could not afford any significant downtime or impact to their work capacity.

They reached out to their local graphics partners and received quotes that exceeded their timeline by 3+ months, requiring vehicle downtime and significant financial expenditure. As a result, Yellowstone Landscape reached out to us, a newer partner who had just completed two conversions in Arizona and Texas to provide a comparison bid.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing in Fleet Vehicles

Solution: Experienced, Well Planned Cooperation

Upon approval of our bid, we immediately got to work by surveying the entire fleet in detail and meeting with the key personnel to determine an execution plan that worked around their schedule. Due to their fleet diversity, we quickly standardized their graphics package with their marketing team and created a system that would provide their high-quality look with rapid deployment. We then deployed our “GO” team of experienced installation and removal partners from Arizona to get to work.

Upon arrival, the expected weather changed, and the team worked 14+ hour days/nights in freezing temperatures after Yellowstone Landscapes’ work hours.

Results: Incredible Savings, Unified Fleet, and No Downtime!

Execution of our cooperative plan allowed us to hit all their targets, completing the entire production, removal, and installation process within three weeks! We removed and installed all 213 vehicles in 6 working days, beating their timeline by three months and saving them over $250,000. This project’s completion had generated a unified fleet look that is easily repeatable across all of their locations and engraining our partnership with them as their premier source of fleet graphics.

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Yellowstone Landscape Profile

1. Please briefly describe the services your company offers and your fleet profile (types of equipment, number of assets, etc.).
“Yellowstone Landscape is the largest privately owned commercial landscaping company in North America. Our core capabilities are in large scale landscape maintenance operations. We also offer Tree Care, Landscape Installation, and Water Management services.

Our fleet includes over 2000 vehicles spread across approximately 40 operating locations in the Southeast and Southwest United States. In addition to standard commercial pickups, we also utilize Transits, vans, cars, and tractors.”

2. When did you start using vehicle graphics, and for what purpose?
“In 2015, we unified all our operating companies and began using the Yellowstone Landscape brand identity across all our locations. At that time, we changed out the vehicle graphics on our entire fleet over the course of about 6 months. Since then, we continue to refine and improve our graphics packages as we acquire new vehicles and incorporate new companies into the Yellowstone Landscape brand.

We view our fleet as one of our most important forms of advertising and find the fleet extremely impactful in promoting the image of our company.”

3. What types of graphics are you using?
“We use spot graphics that feature our logo and mark, alongside our brand statement of “Excellence in Commercial Landscaping”. It’s important that our fleet always look its best, whether the asset is a new purchase, or nearing its end of service life. That’s why we rely on our graphics vendor to choose materials that don’t fade or peel, regardless of the environment we’re working in.”

4. How have these graphics helped you broaden your message and target specific markets?
“First impressions matter to our clients, and our fleet demonstrates that we care about how they see us. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the benefits of a simple, clear design to represent our brand. Our clients appreciate the care that we take to make sure that the service vehicles we send out to their properties are clean, clearly branded, and well maintained. I believe they equate how well we care for our fleet with how well we will care for their landscape.”

5. How do you care for and maintain your graphics?
“Most of our operating locations have mechanics and/or shop managers on site who are responsible for keeping our fleet operational and clean. Regular washes and replacing worn or damaged graphics are a part of our preventative maintenance routines.”

6. What has been your overall return on investment since adding graphics to your fleet?
“We view our fleet graphics as an investment in the long-term value of our brand. We’re proud of the exponential growth we’ve experienced in the past 5 years, and what Yellowstone Landscape has come to represent in our industry, and to our clients. How we protect all that we’ve built is by making sure we don’t cut corners when it comes to how we present ourselves. Professional. Serious. Committed to improving the landscapes we’re entrusted to manage. Everything with our logo on it needs to communicate those values, and as the most visible part of our brand, we think that our fleet graphics reinforce that identity very well.”

7. Anything else worth noting?
“We went through 2 other large fleet graphics providers before we were introduced to 2CT Media. We were disappointed that our previous vendors didn’t appreciate how important communication was to us. We can’t have people sitting around waiting for installers that didn’t show up, or graphics that didn’t fit the vehicle correctly. With 2CT, they immediately impressed us with their ability to deliver great looking graphics so quickly, and install them around our work schedule, so vehicles were never taken out of service. It’s been a tremendous partnership and I look forward to growing with them for many years into the future.”

Answers By:

Joseph Barnes | Marketing Director

Yellowstone Landscape

3235 North State Street, PO Box 849, Bunnell, FL 32110

Ph: 386.437.6211 | www.yellowstonelandscape.com

Image of Yellowstone Landscape featured in Fleet Owner magazine

Yellowstone Landscape Featured in Fleet Owner Magazine

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