Compliance Safety Labels

ANSI_C PPE Sign - Compliance Sign
ANSI-C- Radio Frequency Hazard Sign
ANSI_C Pinch Point Compliance Sign

The ANSI has a customized set of safety labels and signs that need to be followed to assure a safe working environment.

The categories of signs are used by ANSI:

Authorized Personnel Signs

These signs are intended to ensure that only those authorized to enter a particular area are allowed entry. They are intended to prevent visitors and other individuals from entering restricted areas.

Color Scheme: White, Red, Yellow, Blue

  • Do Not Enter.
  • Authorized Personnel Only.

Biohazards/Chemicals/Hot Signs

To warn workers to stay away from areas that might cause them to be exposed to potential biohazards and dangerous chemicals that can cause serious injuries.

Color Scheme: White, Orange, Blue.

  • Respirators and PPE Suits Required Beyond This Point.
  • Biological Material/Hazard.
  • Infectious Waste.
  • Burn Hazards. Do Not Touch.
  • Customized Chemical Labels: Includes information about particular chemicals and the potential hazards to the human body from exposure.

Clearance Signs

These signs are intended to discourage people from entering areas where there is potentially dangerous machinery or where there is an increased risk of possible accidents.

Color Scheme: White, Yellow, Red, Black.

  • Low Overhead Clearance.
  • Check For Clearance Before Backing Into Bay.

Confined Space Signs

To alert people about tunnels, interior tanks and small confined places.

Color Scheme: White and Red.

  • Confined Space. Do Not Enter.
  • Body Harness Required For Entry.

Construction Sites/Cranes/Forklifts/Hard Hats/Machine Signs

Since construction activity often requires the use of heavy machinery, such as cranes, these signs are intended to remind that this equipment is dangerous and could result in dangerous accidents.

Color Scheme: Yellow, Blue, Black, Red.

  • Renovation Work. Do Not Enter Unless Authorized.
  • Construction Personnel Only.
  • Renovation Work Contains Lead. No Trespassing.
  • Hard Hat Required. Crane In Operation.
  • Overhead Crane. Stay Out From Under Suspended Load.
  • Hard Hat Area.
  • Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, and Hi-Vis Vest Required.

Do Not Enter/Do Not Operate/LASER Signs

These are simple and clear signs that ask unauthorized individuals to stay away from a specified area.

Color Scheme: Red, Orange, White, Black.

  • Crush Hazard. Do Not Enter.
  • LASER In Use. Do Not Enter Without Wearing Protective Eyewear.
  • Nip Hazard. Do Not Operate Without Guards Or Doors In Place.
  • Pinch Point! Keep Hands Clear Of Rollers.
  • Do Not Operate. Moving Parts Can Cut Or Crush.

Electrical/High Voltage/Voltage Signs

Electricity-related injuries are sudden, spontaneous and can cause immediate death. These signs are intended to avoid potential accidents involving this type of equipment.

Color Scheme: White, Orange, Red, Black.

  • Electrical Hazard. Authorized Personnel Only.
  • Electrical Closet. Do Not Enter.
  • High Voltage. Turn Off Power Before Servicing.

Pinch Point/No Climb Signs

These signs warn potential visitors, guests and trespassers so accidents do not occur.

Color Scheme: White, Red, Orange, Black.

  • Pinch Point. Watch Your Hands.
  • Do Not Climb On Or Jump From The Dock.
  • Do Not Climb Fence. Sharp Edge On Top.

To warn employees and other personnel not to enter a particular area without the required protective gear and equipment.

Color Scheme: White, Blue, Yellow.

  • Hi-Vis Wear Required.
  • Hearing Protection Required In This Area.
  • Lab Coat and Eye Protection Required In This Area.
  • Wear Protective Equipment.

RF Warning Signs/Welding Signs

Both of these signs refer to activities that pose a serious threat to an individual’s health. Therefore, safety measures must be practiced at all times.

Color Scheme: Orange, Yellow, Black.

  • Radiofrequency Hazard.
  • Microwave Energy Controlled Area.
  • High-Level RF. No Trespassing.
  • Welding Area. Wear Protective Eyewear.

No Smoking Signs

These signs convey simple and clear warnings about the danger of smoking and flames in certain areas.

Color Scheme: White, Blue, Red, Black.

  • No Smoking Or Vaping In This Area.
  • Propane Alert. No Open Flames In This Area.
  • No Smoking. No Sparks. No Matches. No Open Flames.