Chemical Compliance and Safety Signs

OSHA - Chemical Hazard - Compliance Sign
Bio Hazard Sign
OSHA - Chemical Hazard Corrosive Material - Compliance Sign

This category of signs depends on the nature of work being carried out in a particular workplace or industry. Chemicals also include biohazardous materials. If an individual comes in contact with these substances, it can result in serious injuries.

It is, therefore, recommended that only authorized and appropriately trained staff be allowed to enter these areas. If other staff intend to enter, they should follow the proper precautions and safety measures.

Color Scheme: Miscellaneous color-coding is followed. (Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, etc.)

Categories Of Chemical Compliance and Safety Signs:

Chemicals have a number of different classifications, including toxic, flammable, oxidizing and explosive.

Therefore, chemical safety signs are classified into the following categories:

  • Chemical Danger Signs
  • Hazardous Material Signs
  • Chemical Storage Signs
  • Dispose Of Chemical Signs (Alerting About Chemicals’ Toxic Wastes)
  • NFPA/GHS Signs
  • HazCom Signs/SDS Signs
  • Biohazard Signs
  • Acid Warning Signs
  • Corrosive Materials Signs
  • Cancer Hazard Signs
  • Toxic Chemicals Signs
  • Pesticide Signs
  • Poison Warnings
  • Reproductive Hazard Signs
  • Used and Waste Oil/Solvent Signs
  • Ozone Warnings