Electrical Compliance and Safety Signs

Electrical Hazard Sign
Battery Charging Sign
Warning High Voltage Sign

Electricity hazards are present in many different situations. They could result from specific accidents and they could be present in a particular business due to the activity that takes place.everywhere. It is extremely important that everyone is aware of the potential dangers.

Electricity hazards also include voltage-related hazards.

Color Scheme: Black, Red, Orange, White, Yellow, etc.

  • Electrical Equipment. Authorized Personnel Only.
Categories Of Electrical Compliance and Safety Signs:

These electricity safety signs may be divided into the following categories depending on the type of risk involved. The warnings should be customized according to the risk:

  • Arc Flash Signs
  • Battery Charging Area Signs
  • Battery Storage Signs
  • Buried Electrical Cable Signs
  • Buried Fiber Optic Cable Signs
  • Call Before You Dig
  • High Voltage/Electric Caution Signs
  • Electrical Closet/Electrical Equipment Signs
  • Electrical Hazard/Electrical Panel Signs
  • Electrical Room Safety Signs
  • Electrical Service Instructions
  • Disconnect Before Servicing
  • Electrical Shut-Off Signs
  • Electrical Switch Signs
  • Electrical Utility Warnings
  • Lockout Before Use Signs
  • Meter Warning Signs
  • Multiple Source Signs
  • Overhead Power Line Signs
  • Shock Hazard
  • Transformer/Voltage Labels