Workplace Safety Signs

Safety Mask Required - Compliance Sign
Workplace Safety Fire Extinguisher Compliance Sign
Workplace Safety Video Surveillance sign

Every workplace has different operations and activities that result in a variety of safety requirements. In order to maintain a safe work environment, certain signs and labels must be placed in the affected areas in order to prevent accidents and mishaps.

These are some of the different safety compliance signs that can be found in different workplace environments.

Coronavirus Safety/Social Distancing/Wash Your Hands/Hand Sanitizer/Mask Required Signs

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increased emphasis being placed on safety. Strict policies (including mask wearing, social distancing and frequent hand washing) have been adopted to prevent the spread of the virus.

Color Scheme: Mixed Colors.

  • Please Wait Here.
  • Maintain Distance.
  • Informative and Interactive Chart Showing What To Not Do In A Public Place.

Fire Safety Signs

These signs are designed to have people maintain their distance from potential sources of fire and combustible materials.

Color Scheme: Red and White

  • Combustible Material. Keep Away.
  • Fire Extinguisher.

Do Not Enter/Authorized Personnel Only Signs

The purpose of these signs is to ensure that certain areas are only accessible to those individuals who possess the proper authorization.

Color Scheme: Miscellaneous.

  • Do Not Enter. Authorized Personnel Only.
  • Restricted Area. Do Not Enter.

Housekeeping Signs

These signs point toward a particular area in a workplace.

Color Scheme: Green, Yellow, White.

  • General Awareness Sign Boards

General Safety/Floor Safety Signs

The main purpose of these signs is to remind people of things they should not do in a workplace and what precautions they should take.

Color Scheme: Yellow, Black, Red, White.

  • Stay Clear. Swing Radius.
  • Watch Your Step.

Forklift Signs

These signs alert people that forklifts are being used in the area. They also warn forklift operators to use their forklifts with caution.

Color Scheme: Yellow, Black, etc.

  • Certified Forklift Operators Only.
  • Forklift Traffic. Keep Clear.

Elevator Signs

These signs provide warnings if elevators are not operating properly, so people can avoid them and find alternatives.

Color Scheme: White, Blue, Black, Red, etc.

  • Elevator Out Of Order.
  • Do Not Use the Elevator.

Office Courtesy/No Cell Phone/No Chewing Gum/No Food Or Drinks/No Smoking Signs

These signs remind employees and visitors of the code of conduct, including actions that are prohibited on company premises.

Color Scheme: Miscellaneous, based on the severity of the notice. (Mostly White, Blue, Green, etc.)

  • Quiet Please.
  • No Smoking.
  • Gum Chewing Is Not Allowed.
  • No Smoking Near Open Flames.

Suggestion Boxes/Signs

The purpose of these signs is to encourage employees and visitors to make suggestions about possible improvements.

Color Scheme: White, Yellow, Black, customized as well.

  • Make A Difference. Offer A Suggestion!

Restroom Signs

These signs indicate the location of restrooms for men and women.

Color Scheme: Customizable Colors.

Safety Signs

There are several types of safety signs that are based on the work environment and the nature of work.

Color Scheme: Miscellaneous Colors, depending on the risk involved.

Safety Signs include:
  • Hospital Signs
  • Clearance Signs
  • CPR Signs
  • Confined Space Signs
  • Door Boss Signs
  • Hot Work Area Signs
  • Mine Safety Signs
  • Railroad Safety Signs
  • Safety STOP Signs
  • Safety Awareness Signs
  • Truck Safety Signs
  • Nail Gun Safety Signs
  • Welding Safety Signs
  • Watch Your Step Signs

Shipping and Receiving Signs

These signs indicate the location of shipping and receiving areas, to facilitate their location.

Color Scheme: White, Blue, Black, etc.

  • Shipment And Receiving.
  • Shipment/Receiving Department/Dock.

Video Surveillance Signs

The purpose of these signs is to notify employees and the visitors that they are subject to video surveillance to discourage inappropriate and even illegal activity.

Color Scheme: White, Black, Red, Blue, etc.

  • This Area Is Under Video Surveillance.
  • Surveillance Zone. No Trespassing.

Visitor Signs

These signs provide guidance and information for visitors to a facility.

Color Scheme: White, Red, Black, etc.

  • All Visitors Must Register At Office.
  • All Visitors Must Report At The Office.

Warehouse Signs

These are signs that provide useful information about warehouse facilities.

Color Scheme: Yellow, Black, Green, White.

  • Keep Aisles Clear.
  • Pallet Storage Area.