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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Services

2CT Media works on the principle of delivering the highest-quality advertising wraps & graphics at competitive prices on time, to achieve the highest client satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of the product used in our wraps & graphics, and they always exceed the client’s expectations.

  • Our service ranges from a simple logo or company vehicle decal set to window graphics and high impact wraps.
  • We have a nationwide installation process that ensures consistency in commercial branded vehicle graphics to fulfill, and often exceed our client’s expectations.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art printing technology to produce highly visible vehicle graphics. These graphics build a robust advertising platform for maximum exposure to your products, services, and company branding.
  • We have amassed expertise in supplying our services to all sectors and business sizes, from start-ups to multi-thousand vehicle fleets.
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Vehicle Fleet Graphics & Wraps - Branding Services

2CT Media are national branding experts who can turn your vehicle fleet into a highly visible top quality mobile billboard of your company’s brand. Your fleet can be your loudest brand ambassadors.

Yes, the complexities of fleet branding can be arduous. BUT, by partnering with the right company, YOU WILL have a significant payoff. The benefits show that fleet branding is crucial to get right, Trusting the experts at 2CT Media will undoubtedly provide you with the success you seek.

In our extensive experience, our clients typically come to us with all too familiar challenges. These challenges our clients approach us with are:

  • They are unsure how the fleet branding process works.
  • They are worried about the increased project management time expenditure.
  • They are concerned that they will have to keep track of too much information to make this process efficient.
  • Their fleet is diverse, and they are worried that there is only one design, How can that work?
  • Their focus is on their business success, and this endeavor is not making their business money.
  • The capital expenditure for a successful project is too high, or they don’t understand the ROI.
  • They are worried about their vehicle’s locations compared to their home base.
  • They worry that there will be excessive downtime for their fleet of vehicles.
  • They are concerned that their vehicles may be too damaged or we may damage their vehicles.
  • Most, unfortunately, they don’t know where to begin.

The vehicle graphic process is not magic, although sometimes our team makes it seem that way. We will not leave you stranded, no matter the size of the project, you will have a dedicated contact to help you through the process.

From the first conversation to completion, we will inform, guide, and help you to be successful. At the same time, we take over and do the heavy lifting. Throughout our process, we work with you, your marketing team to build a highly effective design. We then cover your entire fleet with your well-branded image or promotional art. We provide full project management and with time-sensitive deployment that is nearly, wholly, hands-off. We FOCUS on taking the burden off your team by putting the responsibility of execution on us, allowing you to FOCUS on your business. Upfront, our team will work with you by walking your fleet and building an accurate fleet list. We then start building a timeline and schedule the installation process around your schedule. Our trained team works diligently, coordinating the entire production through the install process. Whether in our facility or on sites across the country, we ensure your success while making the process as painless and unobtrusive as possible.

Fleet branding is a challenge, but it is a challenge worth taking, and your results will be exponential. With 2CT Media as your solutions partner, we work tirelessly to expedite the process and limit the impact on your operation. We will continuously work with you to address and resolve challenges before they even become a challenge for you.

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Vehicle Fleet Rebranding Services

2CT Media provides expert service and project management of Vehicle Fleet Re-branding. Unfortunately, All to often during a corporate rebranding initiative, the rebranding of your vehicle fleet is overlooked. The mixed message that happens when you forget your fleet can have a massive negative effect on your brand. We are your solutions partner to maximize your new brand rollouts effect while making the process easier, faster, and lower-cost than you may expect.

Large Fleet (100+) Wrap & Vehicle Graphics Projects

For large fleet conversions or mass branding deployments, our process includes a team of support staff and a singular contact point to keep you informed.

Throughout the process, we will go on-site for all of your locations to:

  • Walk the fleet and determine possible issues
  • Build an accurate vehicle list
  • Collaborate on your needs and schedules
  • Go over all of the problems, concerns, and pitfalls you may have

We use this in-depth process to ensure that every vehicle branding project is executed to perfection, efficiently. So, no matter if this is your first time or you are a seasoned veteran, we exceed your expectations while keeping you informed throughout the entire process. 2CT Media works hard to ensure that your vehicle graphics project is deployed with minimal fuss and downtime.

Yellowstone Landscape Fleet Vehicle Wraps
Bumblebee Transit Wrap

Heavy Vehicle Visibility Requirements

According to US Federal Safety Laws and regulations, busses and heavy vehicles must be fitted with reflective devices as part of the Necessary Accessories for Safe Operation guidelines. (49 CFR Part 393). 2CT Media has the experience required for mandatory Heavy Vehicle Visibility markings and emergency signage while stopped.

Hi-Visibility Vehicle Markings for Safety

Hi-Visibility signage saves lives. It has demonstrated that nearly 45% of accidents happen at night despite less traffic on the roads. Most crashes involving trucks occur because the driver did not see the vehicle or did not see it in time to react. Vehicles and Trailers on the side of a road can be a hidden danger for other drivers when not equipped with Hi-Visibility Markings.

According to US Federal Safety Laws and regulations, busses and heavy vehicles MUST BE fitted with reflective devices as part of the Necessary Accessories for Safe Operation guidelines. (49 CFR Part 393). 2CT Media has the experience required for mandatory Heavy Vehicle Visibility markings and emergency signage while stopped.

The use of Hi-Visibility marking tape and signage significantly improves vehicle recognition at night.

This increased visibility means:

  • Fewer accidents, saving lives
  • Reduced traffic jams
  • Improvement of corporate image by demonstrating corporate responsibility
  • Increased employee job safety
  • Reduces repair costs due to accidents
  • Reduces medical costs by preventing injuries
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Desert Transport & Logistics Vehicle Wrap

Hi-Visibility Vehicle Graphics for Maximum Branding Impact

There is no doubt that Hi-Visibility markings save lives. But, HI-VISIBILITY Vehicle graphics can also add the benefit of increasing impressions by over 20%!*

By integrating Reflective graphics and wraps to your fleet graphic initiative, you will benefit from increased visibility of your message both day and night.

*According to a recent 3M study