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Are you a small business owner with a work vehicle and want it to work as hard as you? Do you have a fleet of trucks or vans not grabbing your clients’ attention? Are you looking for a sign shop in Mesa, AZ. If so, we have the solution!

With a high-quality, attention-grabbing car wrap from 2CT Media, it guarantees to get your business in front of your potential customers as you drive to and from appointments. Like many home service companies, companies with fleets have a significantly reduced chance of converting a client’s neighbor or a forgetful commuter sitting in traffic to a new client by not having your trucks wrapped.

Find out how much it would cost to professionally wrap your vehicle(s) today using our instant, online Vehicle Graphic Calculator!

Mesa Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl car wraps are, in essence, simply vivid graphics on cars and trucks advertising your business. Car wrap designs are printed on thin sheets of vinyl, which are then cut into custom shapes, stretched and adhered to vehicles — a great method to promote your business and its products through mobile marketing.

2CT Media operates on the premise of delivering solutions of the highest quality. We provide advertisement wraps and graphics at competitive prices; to aid in achieving consumer brand loyalty. We guarantee the consistency of our products and services, offering the utmost value and life. Our cutting-edge printing technology is employed to produce highly visible graphics for automobiles, trailers, box trucks, RVs, and more. These graphics help create a comprehensive promotional framework for optimum exposure to your products, services, and business branding.

Computer Cut Vinyl Wrap

Fleet Branding & Rebranding

2CT Media is a national branding expert that can transform your vehicle fleet into a highly visible and effective, mobile billboard that puts your company front and center everywhere you or your service technicians travel. Your fleet cars, trucks, vans, and trailers are the best performing promoters of your brand. We help you to maximize the value your fleet can provide.

Yes, the challenges of branding or rebranding your fleet can be difficult. However, you will have a substantial payoff by partnering with the right business. The proven uptick in new business shows that fleet branding is essential to get right the first time! Trusting the experts at 2CT Media will undoubtedly be a step in the right direction towards achieving your overall business marketing goals.

The branding process of vehicle graphics is not magic, though our team sometimes makes it seem like that. No matter the size of the project, we won’t leave you to go it alone. You’ll have a dedicated account manager to assist you through your unique process.

Small to Large Fleet Projects

Our process involves a support staff team and a single contact point to keep you updated for fleet graphic transitions or mass branding deployments. Throughout the process, we’ll go on-site for all of your locations to walk the fleet, identify potential problems, create a comprehensive vehicle list, and work on your needs. During this process, we discuss all the issues, questions, and pitfalls you could potentially face, doing so around your schedule, not ours.

We use this in-depth method to ensure that any project for the branding of vehicles is carried out to completion most efficiently and accurately. So, regardless of whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran of fleet wraps, we will exceed your standards while keeping you up-to-date throughout the entire process.

2CT Media works relentlessly to ensure that you launch your vehicle graphics project with as little downtime and minimum hassle as possible.

Hi-Visibility Vehicle Markings

Busses, heavy vehicles, and certain light-duty vehicles must be equipped with reflective devices as part of the Required Equipment for Safe Operation guidelines according to US Federal Safety Laws and Regulations (49 CFR Section 393). 2CT Media has the appropriate expertise for compulsory Heavy Vehicle Visibility markings and emergency signs when stopping.

Signage that has hi-visibility to other motorists has proven to saves lives. Studies have shown that almost 45 percent of incidents occur at night with less road traffic and most truck-related accidents occur because the other driver did not see the truck in time to respond. Vehicles and trailers that are not fitted with highly visible markings can be concealed dangers for other drivers on the road.

With hi-visibility marking tape and text, you can significantly increase your nighttime vehicle identification. This increased exposure means fewer injuries, saving lives, reducing traffic congestion, and enhancing company reputation by demonstrating corporate responsibility. The same principles of Hi-Visibility safety markets extend to graphics too. We can show you how to increase brand awareness by up to 20% utilizing reflective materials in your wraps and graphics.

Mesa High-Quality Signage Company

Signage can a very cost-effective form of publicity and marketing. Designing both indoor and outdoor signage is a lot more critical than often meets the eye. Many people don’t know there are many issues and considerations to consider before and during the design process.

At 2CT Media, our graphics professionals use trusted design concepts to produce appealing, recognizable, high-impact signage that appeals to the target audience you want to attract.

We recommend you keep your messaging short and unique, while easy to comprehend. When your sign is easy to read at a glance, you more quickly impact potential customer’s impulses.

Signs are not limited in shape or size. They should be unique to you, and we will help design your signage to meet the viewing distance, contrast, and placement strategy to provide maximum effectiveness.

One additional tip is to avoid visual clutter. Effective signage concisely communicates a message. The message will be forwarded to the target audience in as few words as possible and should often combine with visual cues like symbols or targeted imagery. Crowding the sign with unneeded words and excessive lines of text makes it increasingly difficult to grab attention.

Branding Solutions

Innovative exterior advertising will attract immediate attention to your business. Alerting potential consumers that your business is there to provide their much-needed goods and services is a powerful tool. It is known, Passersby typically will ignore a place of business with little to no signage. It may be of no surprise that you can get more people interested in your company’s goods and services with a highly imaginative but practical sign.

Each branding strategy starts with a winning logo. It cues your clients about you, without even speaking a word. A proper logo is not your identity, but it is a memorable symbol of your existence. A brand logo needs to be unique and easily recognizable to elicit confidence in your customers’ buying decisions.

Proper signage isn’t about simply adding a sign to your place of operation.

The entire branding ecosystem must be taken into consideration. Often, your first impression is not at your business location and is actually while your branded vehicles are on the road. Meet more of your potential customers by strategically going to them through vehicle vinyl wraps, and draw in more consumers who are not yet acquainted with your services.

Indoor & Outdoor Signs

When considering outdoor signages’ design potential to drive customers into your shop, it can be easy to get carried away with complexity, intricacy, and color combination choices. Flashy isn’t always the right choice. The best move for outdoor signage is to make sure they are concise, contrasting, and easily read in only a few moments. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the best contrast of colors include black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, and white on black. Color choices are critical to your signage’s effectiveness and utilized to highlight details, such as your phone number or website.

Although interior signage allows for more freedom in design because time constraints to deliver your message are not as pressing, it is still paramount to follow the same methods. Quick, concise, contrasting signs will always display your message correctly. Most people lose their focus quickly, so keeping banners and signs attractive but quick to consume is crucial. Evidence suggests that people are more likely to be drawn to the middle of any sign, poster, or banner. Your most relevant information needs to be in your design for maximum impact. The Size and Shape of your visual communication will also garner attention, break out of the mundane straight edge, and command their attention. Utilizing attractive imagery or product illustrations as visual cues to your short message will solidify your advertisement in your customers’ minds.

Fit Body Boot Camp Indoor Signage on Wall

Mesa Printers & Printing Services

Not all printing companies have the same capabilities. Most companies in the signage world have a few options, processes, or capabilities they employ under roof. Generally, choosing a company that provides many printing processes is smart, as typically, they will offer you access to all of the marketing solutions you require. Commonly, sign shops are highly knowledgeable in the many options available, rely on them as your partner to guide you through the multitude of solutions available to you with today’s technologies.

Your signs are a crucial part of your presence in the marketplace, partnering with the right solutions provider focused on your success should be top of mind. When choosing a print marketing company, look for knowledgeable, reliable, and generally willing to provide support and solutions with proven returns. Your provider should make you feel that your project’s success is essential to them.

Local Landmarks in Mesa, AZ

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Arizona Museum of Natural History was established in 1977 with a limited collection of specimens. As a small museum in Mesa City Hall, in a building designed by Lescher & Mahoney and constructed in 1937 with WPA funds, it originally housed the City Hall, municipal courts, library, plus police and fire departments. The building underwent renovations in 1983 and 1987, and a new wing was added in 2000. Currently the main museum complex is devoted to exhibits holding a collection of about 60,000 natural history, anthropology, literature & art artifacts; including about 10,000 historical images. In 1995 a testing facility was added too. The Museum of Natural History of Arizona also has influential research curators in the areas of paleontology and archeology.
Mesa Arts Center

Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Centre, in downtown Mesa, Arizona, is a performing and visual arts center completed in 2005. The $95 million building is the largest integrated arts campus in the state; on more than 210,000 square feet. The Mesa Arts Center comprises four performance venues, from the small Farnsworth Studio Theater with 99 seats to the Ikeda Theater with 1600 seats. The center also houses the Mesa Contemporary Arts with its five art galleries and an exhibition space of 5,500 square feet. The facility also has 14 separate classroom studios in the visual and performing arts.

Golfland Sunsplash Mesa

Golfland Sunsplash

Golfland-Sunsplash is a chain of water parks and family entertainment centers that reside in Mesa, AZ. The park is split into two parts. Golfland has three miniature golf games, a full video game arcade, a pizzeria, go-karts, and bumper boats. Sunsplash runs in the summer, and features 29 attractions focused on water. In 1983 the park opened and in 1986 the water park opened.

Mesa Car Wraps, Signage & Printing FAQs

The cost to wrap a vehicle mostly depends on the square footage needed to be wrapped. In other words, the amount you will pay to wrap your car will depend on its size. In general, vehicle wrapping costs between $2,000 and $6,500 on average. However, you can find your exact cost by using our Free Vehicle Graphics Cost Calculator.
The safest way to keep your wrapped vehicle clean is to hand wash it with a sponge and warm, soapy water; then rinsing clean and drying. Some brushless car washes may be okay; however, it is not recommended that you take your car or truck to a standard car wash. If using a pressure washer, be sure to keep the PSI below 2000.
Considering how long a car wrap will last is a genuine concern shared by many of our customers. We use the highest quality materials and our wraps last between two and four years on average due to the harsh central Arizona, Sonoran Desert climate.

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