2CT Media, LLC.

Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with 2CT Media, LLC you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Payment Terms – All orders require full payment upon order unless a terms account is active and current. We accept debit and credit cards. All active terms accounts require a credit card on file. If payment is past due on terms accounts, your credit card will only be charged in full plus a 3% Credit Card fee + 1.5% Late fee if we have not received payment within your payment terms from the original invoice date plus a 7 day grace period. These fees are only to cover the losses sustained by 2CT Media, LLC due to the delayed payment. If there is an overlap between when you have sent your check and 2CT Media, LLC. charging your credit card, if within 5 days of credit card charge we will refund your card on file. If after 5 days your check will be promptly sent back to your accounts payables department or an address of your choosing. Customers who present credit cards for payment to 2CT Media, LLC cannot, for any reason, written or verbal, revoke 2CT Media, LLC’s authority to run a credit card on file to satisfy a past due or delinquent account.

Prices – Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include tax, additional fees, or shipping fees unless specifically listed on your quotation.

Estimates & Quotations – Prices on all estimates written or verbal are subject to change without notice. All estimates are considered educated assumptions of cost and are not guaranteed Quotations. All quotations are based on factual prices (see Accuracy of Specifications Clause) and 2CT Media, LLC will honor our quotes for a minimum of 30 days unless otherwise stated. All accepted and approved quotations are considered a binding contract and a commitment to payment upon accepted terms. 2CT Media, LLC reserves the right to refuse at any time creation, printing or fabrication of any subject matter that we deem inappropriate, offensive, of questionable origin, or illegal.

Accuracy of Specifications– Quotations are based on the accuracy of specifications provided to us by the customer or your agents. If we discover that there are corrections or modifications required, we will notify the customer immediately. At this time 2CT Media, LLC will determine whether there will be additional costs and how the customer wishes to proceed. We make every effort to quote a job accurately, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances or costs, we will notify the customer if delays will result. 2CT Media, LLC assumes no liability for problems that may arise because of content quality, grammatical accuracy or of information given by the customer. Unless otherwise required, the customers’ order will be fulfilled as submitted. All change orders made after the start of production may incur costs at a different rate than the original quote.

Order Cancellation Policy Our entire process is incredibly automated. Once your order has been processed and has moved to the production process we can not guarantee your order can be changed or canceled. If you require your order to be changed or canceled, please contact us immediately to request changes or cancellations. One of our support team will do everything possible to halt your order and allow you to change or cancel it. If portions of the process have already started, we will discuss options with you. All canceled orders require compensation for incurred costs and related obligations at the time of cancellation. The amount will be calculated based on actual costs incurred for both materials and labor and subtracted from the payment amount. We will refund any amount that remains in the form of payment initially received, but if our costs exceed the amount of deposit, you may be obligated to make payment in full if no replacement order is executed. There is no cancellation or refund on products in the production queue or already completed, in this case, the full order balance remains due.

Refund/Return Policy & Warranties – We strive for 100% Customer satisfaction, in doing so, 2CT Media, LLC workmanship and quality follow or exceed the general industry standards and in addition 2CT Media, LLC warrants that their products meet or exceed industry standards for labor and craftsmanship. All material manufacturer warranties are held by said manufacturers unless in writing provided by 2CT Media, LLC. 2CT Media, LLC makes no other warranties and no actions or words 2CT Media, LLC officers, employees or agents shall constitute a warranty. If you are unhappy with your order or there is an issue with your order, you must report the problem within 5 business days after the delivery date. Please provide a description of the issue(s) and pictures to support them. We will work with you to maintain customer satisfaction but will process all requests for refund or replacements at our discretion.

For errors by us:

If there are any errors on our part after the artwork has been approved, 2CT Media will send replacement products with priority shipping at no charge to the customer, *some limitations apply. We may also offer a refund, at our discretion, for the total amount.

Examples of these errors - Defects in the print or materials, improper material selection, etc. 

For errors by you:

If errors are noticed in artwork after proof approval, we will work with you to rectify the situation. Our process gives every opportunity to prevent these errors, but we know that they happen and our ultimate goal is complete satisfaction.

Examples of these errors - Spelling or Grammatical Errors, Fuzzy or Pixelated Images, Color matching to other companies prints, etc.

Indemnification – The customer represents that they have the legal right to produce or reproduce all materials ordered from the 2CT Media, LLC. In the event that a charge, claim, demand or proceeding is made against 2CT Media, LLC based upon illegal and or wrongful acts by the customer or that the product produced or printed at the request of the customer infringes any copyright, patent or other proprietary rights of any person or contains matter that is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or obscene. The customer shall indemnify and hold 2CT Media, LLC harmless from and against any loss, damages, costs and expenses arising from or related to the claim including without limitation: (1) defending 2CT Media, LLC against any claim (2) paying any judgment or award against the customer, and (3) reimbursing 2CT Media, LLC for any legal fees and expenses it reasonably incurs in responding.

Delivery/Shipping – Quoted prices do not include shipping, delivery or handling fees unless specifically requested and listed on the quotation. We are constantly negotiating the most aggressive rates from our providers. We, currently, contract with FedEx for our shipping due to their faster shipping times and reduced cost to our customers. Alternative Shipping or Delivery can be arranged, upon request at the customer’s expense by choosing our Pickup Option and leaving a note that a third-party shipper will be picking it up. It is suggested that the customer arranges for insurance with the carrier. 2CT Media, LLC is not responsible for loss or damages incurred during shipping. 


If our shipping carrier damages your order in part or in its entirety, please follow these steps:

  1. If at all possible, notify the driver delivering the order if there is any visible damage.

  2. Inspect and take pictures of the damaged items and the packaging it arrived in.

  3. Write us an email to shipping@2ctmedia.com. Please provide your order number, description of the damage, and provide pictures.

We will contact them to open an investigation on the issues. If we can reasonably determine the damage was caused by shipping, we will reprint your order item(s) and ship with priority shipping.


If our shipping carrier loses your order:

  1. Notify us immediately upon discovering that your order is lost.

  2. We will contact them to open an investigation on the issues.

  3. We will then reprint with priority shipping.


If your order is returned to our facility:

  1. We will make every attempt to contact you to reship the order to you. Some costs may apply unless it is determined to be our mistake.

  2. If we cannot make contact with you, after 30 days of receiving the returned order, we dispose of your ordered products. No Refunds will be made.


For shipments outside of the United States, please contact us directly before placing your order to discuss shipping options and logistic costs.


FOB is 7931 E Pecos Rd. Bldg 4 - Suite 169, Mesa, AZ 85212

Claims – The customer must inspect the product upon receipt. By accepting a completed job, the customer acknowledges that the product is satisfactory. All Claims for defects, damages, or shortages must be made by the customer, in writing, within 5 days of receipt. In the event of a claim or unsatisfactory products, NO part of the product can be used and the product remains the property of 2CT Media, LLC until the claim is satisfied. 2CT Media, LLC keeps all digital media of the order, on file, for no less than 30 days. All digital media is the property of 2CT Media, LLC and any request for files will incur a $50 Media Fee for retrieval and any other expenses born by 2CT Media, LLC to supply requested files.

Right to Subcontract – 2CT Media, LLC reserves the right to subcontract or assign any portion of a job including Design, Production, Installation, or Service to another company unless an active customer contract requires otherwise. No notification is required by 2CT Media, LLC in the event of the use of a subcontractor.

Privacy Statement – 2CT Media, LLC will not share or sell any information that has been gathered during order processing with anyone. We use our customer information in-house, for the sole purpose of order fulfillment and customer management. 2CT Media, LLC requires that all information gathered from 2CT Media, LLC during Estimating, Quotation, Ordering, or Production to be considered confidential and is not to be shared with our competitors. The confidential information “assets” includes but is not limited to price, materials, and or processes; all information is considered solely owned by 2CT Media, LLC and we reserve the right to legally seek a claim for losses or damages incurred from the release of our confidential assets.

Advertising Samples – By conducting business with 2CT Media, LLC you acknowledge that 2CT Media, LLC can use your printed products for samples, displays or promotional advertising purposes.

Digital and Physical Media– Customers are responsible for maintaining the originals of hard copies and digital files of artwork, and the production instructions of all requested work. 2CT Media, LLC is not responsible for accidental loss or damage to media supplied by the customer or for errors on supplied artwork files, hard copies, etc. 2CT Media, LLC makes no claims or promises about their ability to complete a job until they have had time to review. 2CT Media, LLC assumes no liability for problems that may arise because of content quality, grammatical accuracy or of information given by the customer. Unless otherwise required, customer orders will be fulfilled as submitted. Upon request of the customer and for a fee, 2CT Media, LLC will review submitted files, hard copies, etc. and make suggestions and remediate any issues that may affect the quality of work. Upon the event that 2CT Media, LLC makes any changes to your files, written or digital approval of a supplied proof is required for project advancement. 

Client Digital Design/Artwork Submission - All designs, artwork, content or derivatives created with 2CT Media, LLC supplied design tools on 2CT Media, LLCs website becomes the property of 2CT Media, LLC once submitted. We reserve the rights to all intellectual property created using our tools. Rights may be transferred to the customer by request and may require a fee to do so, determined by 2CT Media, LLC at the time of the request.

Created Digital Design/Artwork Content - All designs, artwork, content or derivatives created by 2CT Media, LLC is the property of 2CT Media, LLC. We reserve the rights to all intellectual property created by our company. Rights may be transferred to the customer by request and may require a fee to do so, determined by 2CT Media, LLC at the time of the request.

Proofs – The customer is responsible for proofing copy/files prior to submitting for reproduction. It is advised that customers proof their job(s) thoroughly prior to production so that errors are minimized. Our system is a web-to-print workflow. We have a sophisticated design tool, that can not only allow for full-blown design but will allow you to proof and adjust your artwork immediately. Because we are employing a sophisticated proofing process, the responsibility of accuracy is on you. Please take the time to verify all your information, colors, layers, and images before approving.

Proofs must be digitally approved by the customer, this is done by adding the design to your cart and checking out. Production begins only after approval and payment of the project. 2CT Media, LLC will do everything in its power to provide accurate artwork of the highest quality, but we bare no responsibility for undetected errors either in supplied imagery quality or any grammatical errors on approved proofs.

If a Color Accuracy is critical, please provide us the expected PMS / Pantone Color code and request a Hard Proof and/or Higher Resolution proof at any time for a Fee. Color match proofs are also available for a fee and requires the purchase of a hard proof. All proofs are the copyright of and wholly owned by 2CT MEDIA, LLC until released to the customer in writing.

Colors – There WILL LIKELY be a difference between what you see on your computer screen and what is produced by 2CT Media, LLC. The differences are caused by a variety of reasons such as paper type, ink, equipment etc. For best results we only accept files with RGB, CMYK, SPOT Colors, or Greyscale color spaces. 

  1. For rich saturated colors or photo-reproduction RGB color space is preferred.

  2. For accurate color matching using CMYK or Defined Pantone SPOT Colors will lead to higher accuracy.

  3. Greyscale is preferred for B&W printing to prevent color creep.

We employ color calibration, and normalization techniques to achieve accurate color reproduction. Images viewed on a monitor are not guaranteed to be accurate or match output. 2CT Media, LLC will perform our production based on the colors displayed on our calibrated monitors using industry-accepted color methodologies with an acceptable margin of error (Delta-E of 3 or less). 2CT Media, LLC does not guarantee an exact color match to artwork submitted unless requested by customer and color proofing along with hard proof is requested and paid for. A credit or refund will not be given for non-matching colors or shifts unless a color proof is accepted and we are not able to maintain the approved color as approved. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without notice.


Fees – Additional Fees may be assessed and levied above and beyond the initial quotation or order if the scope of the project changes and/or unforeseen difficulties arise from the lack of information or misinformation. 2CT Media, LLC will address these fees with the customer before project advancement and will require written approval before proceeding.

Copyright – It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that their images are legally reproducible & that they have in their possession written approval of respective owners. By placing an order with 2CT Media, LLC, customers agree in the event of any legal issues arising from their order they will hold 2CT Media, LLC harmless. The customer agrees to defend and pay all costs, including attorney’s fees and costs, associated with any claims made against 2CT Media, LLC and its officers, employees, and agents for any violation or claim of violation of copyright laws. Copyright laws can be views online at www.copyright.gov. 2CT Media, LLC also reserves the right to cancel any project that we reasonably believe to be in violation of any party’s copyright or fair use of an intellectual property.

Third Party – 2CT Media, LLC makes no representations or warranties as to any products or services offered from a Third Party Vendor such as a Sub-Contractor and/or a Material Supplier/Manufacturer.

All services provided by the 2CT Media, LLC are subject to these terms and conditions. By requesting 2CT Media, LLC to perform services and produce products for you, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions without modification. Customers are responsible for reviewing our terms and conditions prior to submitting an order using our website. Customers agree to indemnify and hold 2CT Media, LLC, its subcontractors, agents and employees harmless.