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We are proud to be one of the only companies offering the revolutionary PolyPanel. PolyPanel is the perfect substrate for printed signage and point-of-sale advertising materials both indoors and out. Although these specialized sheets are just 1/8” (3mm) thick, they punch way above their weight class much like us. They are super-light and robust, highly scratch-proof, resistant to heat and chemicals, and 100% opaque. More importantly as an alternative to PVC, PolyPanel offers outdoor durability, higher flexibility before cracking, no warping in direct sunlight, and it is100% recyclable!

PolyPanel sheets are designed to meet the specific needs of high impact marketing materials such as printed exhibition boards, signs, POS and POP displays. Because of their high resistance to UV light, PolyPanel sheets are ideally suited to outdoor advertising displays and are far superior to PVC sheets. When you print your marketing and advertising messages on PolyPanel, you can be sure that they will last.

Points to know about PolyPanel:

● Highly durable with a Semi-Textured Matte Finish
● Long-term use indoors
● Great for outdoor use
● Waterproof, Weather-resistant, and resistant to Temperature Extremes
● The standard 1/8” thickness (3mm) is up to 25x stronger than Expanded PVC
● Available to be printed both Single and Double-Sided
● Very Lightweight allowing for many displaying options including hanging and wall mounting
● Serves as a superior durable alternative to Expanded PVC
● Can be easily cut to shape for various display applications


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