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Avery 1105 + DOL 1060Z Wrap Vinyl

We offer Avery’s solutions for wraps because it has consistently outperformed its competition in all areas including printability, ease of install, durability, and manufacturer support. These vehicle branding products are printed using the latest technologies, and we employ color management protocols to ensure accurate color output. Avery Super Cast Series Vinyl with Easy Apply™ RS Adhesive is a premium gloss vinyl with Grey Adhesive designed for use in vehicle wraps as well as various other branding and identity applications.

Avery MPI 1105 provides superior conformability to irregular surfaces while Easy Apply™ RS features offer the benefits of reduced wrinkling and trapped air during the install process. The RS feature allows for superior slide ability and tack control while installing. Avery Dennison DOL 1000 Series Clear Cast Vinyl is a premium quality, 2mil thin cast vinyl film designed for use as a protective overlaminate film for digitally printed MPI 1105 Films. DOL 1000 Series offers exceptional performance and value for applications requiring excellent conformability, abrasion resistance, and UV durability. The gloss film provides a super smooth, high gloss paint like finish for your printed graphics. GelUV Printed using brand new technology, Custom built profiles for excellent color and laminate adhesion.

● 2 Mil cast gloss opaque vinyl with grey removable adhesive featuring Easy Apply (EZ air egress technology that helps reduce bubbles, wrinkles, and air entrapment during installation) and RS (repositionable and slide-able adhesive technology)
● 7-year outdoor durability, limited by exposure
● Superior conformability to irregular substrates
● 90# StaFlat Liner
● Caution: Always pre-test vinyl installation on vehicles. Do not install if there is any adverse or negative impact on sensors and/or other safety-related equipment on the intended vehicle

DOL 1060Z
● 2 mil cast PVC overlaminate with superior conformability to irregular substrates
● Protects images from scratches
● Enhances color and depth of the image
● Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance
● DOL 1060Z is on a clear synthetic liner for crystal clear paint-like finish
● UL#16gh listed for floors
● 5-year outdoor durability

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